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Cheer on your beloved ones and use this link where you can follow the split times, leader board and see the results right after they have crossed the finish line. 

Ramboll Stockholm Halfmarathon 2021. 
At last it’s almost time for the 21th Ramboll Stockholm Half Marathon, have you been as excited about this as us? We are so looking forward to organising this race which has always been characterised by joy and energy, regardless of wind or weather.

Due to the pandemic and the restrictions currently in force we are going to have to make certain adjustments but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to provide you with an experience you won’t easily forget.

This year we celebrate our 20th anniversary and you will receive an exclusive medal that definitely will make you feel like a winner. Everyone who crosses the finish line will also get a finisher t-shirt.

And we have the most important ingredients for a successful event – we have you and all the other participants. And we know that you’re great at supporting each other, spreading happiness and fighting spirit.  Something which seems more important now than ever.  We request that you show consideration to your fellow runners since this year’s route includes some narrow sections along the course.

number bib & kit bag at the expo

race registration

We are starting to email out Race Registrations during the week beginning 23 August. Take your race registration with you to the Expo (or show it on your telephone) to collect your number bib. If you are unable to collect your number bib, someone else can do it for you if they show your race registration. 

If you have lost your race registration, go to our Information desk at the Expo with your ID card.  Read more about Ramboll Stockholm Halvmarathon Expo below.

Your start number is on your race registration. If you enter the race later, you will get your race registration by email within a few days of entering.  

kit bag

When you collect your number bib you will also collect your Kit Bag which you can hand in at the Clothing Drop-off directly before you enter the start area.  Prepare your kit bag and attach the label with your start number on the reverse side of the bag for quick and easy deposit.  The label is in your number bib envelope.

Please note that we will only be able to take care of a limited amount of Kit Bags. We recommend you to not bring any valuable belongings to the race if you won’t bring it with you while running. Observe that you will collect your Kit Bag after your finish right next to Münchenbryggeriet. We will have signs that will show you where to go. You will drop off your clothes by the start area and then pick it up approximately 1km after your finish right next to Münchenbryggeriet.

number bib distribution

This year’s Ramboll Stockholm Halvmarathon Expo is in Westfield Mall of Scandinavia, Solna.

There are two entrances: One when you come from the subway and one entrance next to Friends Arena. Both entrances are located on the first floor – take the stairs down to floor 0 you’ll find the expo close to the store: Cervera (between the fountains and Åhléns).

 Opening times:
• Tuesday 7 September between 12:00 and 21:00

• Wednesday 8 September between 10:00 and 21:00

• Thursday 9 September between 10:00 and 21:00

• Friday 10 September between 10:00 and 21:00

You must collect your number bib by 21:00 on Friday 10 September. 
The Expo is not open on the day of the race – this is to ensure that everyone can collect their number bib and make it in time for the start on Skeppsbron.  If you are not able to get to the Expo, you can give your race registration to someone else who can collect your number bib. 


• Tvärbana (tram): Solna station: 22A. Runs between Alvik and Solna station.
• Pendeltåg (commuter train) – Solna station: J36, J38.
For more information visit

Last minute entries

Due to a high pressure of registrations we have now closed the registrations and it is not possible to sign up for the race.

changing start group

On your registration which you will recieve by email, you will see the start group you are placed in. If you want to change start group, this is possible subject to availability, but it can only be done at the Information Desk at the Expo. Changing to a later start group than the one you are registered in is always possible. If you want to move to an earlier start group, you will need to show a result which proves that you are qualified to move up. Start by collecting your number bib, then go to the Information Desk to make the change.

experience our expo

Get into the mood and prepare for the race together with our partners and sponsors where CRAFT have built a pop-up shop with stylish apparel and other running accessories. Our partners will also be there with running tips, products, fun competitions and special offers. They are so excited to see you and give you useful advice before the race!

Exhibitors at the Expo:Craft, Ramboll, Enervit, Flowlife, Fysioline – Ice Power, Axelsons, Clean drink, Plan, Springtime, Runners World, Anita, Smiling, Enervit, Bärta, och Matric- Granorolo.

important information

infection control

It is extremely important that runners contribute to the prevention of infection at the event by: 

  • Keeping a distance
  • Washing hands and using hand sanitizer
  • Staying home if you have symptoms of covid 19
  • Only touching the mugs which you are drinking from at the refreshment stations
  • Listening to and following the instructions of officials and the announcer
  • Not coming to the start area more than 30 minutes before your start time
  • Leaving the finish area directly after you finish to make room for new runners, for the sake of everyone’s safety.

event areas

Due to the current situation with the pandemic, we are trying to arrange everything as hygienically-secure as possible and, of course, are following all the restrictions and guidelines. Therefore, the entire start and finish areas will be fenced-off and only runners with the appropriate number bib will be allowed into the start area.

It is important that, directly after you finish, you leave the finish area to make room for more runners. The area will be marshalled by officials who will ensure that no unauthorised people come in and that everyone shows consideration in order to prevent infection.  For this reason, it is especially important to keep to allocated start times, and in this way we can still provide our runners with a wonderful experience.


The easiest way to get to the start area is to take the underground to Kungsträdgården, Gamla Stan or Slussen. For more information visit www.sl.se. If you come by car the best place near the start to park is in Gallerian-garaget, entrance Regeringsgatan 15 or Regeringsgatan 20. If you are coming by inter-city train or commuter train and arriving at the Central Station, you can walk from there to Skeppsbron.


For everyone’s safety and the best possible experience, the first start will be at 12.00 and then every 30 minutes divided into seven start groups. Please not that you are welcome to the start area 20 minutes before your start time. 

Please observe that your start and finish will be on two different places. You will start by Skeppsbron (Gamla Stan) and cross the finish line at Söder Mälarstrand (Södermalm) where you will get your medal and finisher t-shirt. 

First start 12.00 – entrance opens 20 mins before

This year the race will start at Slussen/Skeppsbron with seven start groups. The start number on your  number bib determines your start time, see the table below. The start area will open 20 minutes before your start time. Adjacent to the start area, you can hand in your Kit Bag with extra clothing if you need to. To avoid crowds at the entrance to the start area we request that you don’t arrive at the start area  earlier than your specific entrance time.

start group

On your race bib you’ll see your start number and it’s also marked with a color with the start group you belong to. 

These maps shows you where the start is and the finish line (they are located on two different spots). The clothes drop-off is close to the start area and clothes pick-up is close to the finish area. Keep walking along Söder Mälarstrand and then up stairs to the right next to Münchenbryggeriet where you can pick up your clothes. 

start list

You can find the full start list for Ramboll Stockholm Half Marathon here. You can also see your start number.  

competition rules

The competition rules of the Swedish Athletics Federation (Svenska Friidrottsförbundet) apply during the race.  All runners participate at their own risk. Ramboll Stockholm Halvmarathon is sanctioned by the Swedish Athletics Federation and by AIMS – Association of International Marathons and Road Races.

age categories

This year prizes will be awarded to the top three in each age category. Ramboll Stockholm Halvmarathon has the following age categories: Seniors (born 1982-2003), 40  (1977-1981), 45  (1972-1976), 50  (1967-1971), 55  (1962-1966), 60  (1957-1961), 65  (1952-1956), 70  (1947-1951), 75 (1942-1946), 80 (1941 or earlier).  Only runners born 2003 or earlier are allowed to run in Ramboll Stockholm Halvmarathon.


The course measures 21,098 metres – a half marathon. It is important that you respect the traffic barriers since certain roads are open to traffic coming in the opposite direction.  Police and/or officials will be at every crossing on the course so please follow their directions.  Clear signs show every kilometre along the course and the surface is asphalt with gravel paths in certain sections.

show consideration

If you get tired during the race and need to take it a bit easier to recover, keep to the right so that faster runners can easily pass on your left. If you are running with friends, make sure that you don’t run or jog more than two abreast. Otherwise it will be difficult for others to pass you. 
We will provide soon a map of the course kilometre by kilometre.  

six refreshment stations

The race has six refreshment stations – actually three refreshment stations which are each passed twice. Enervit will serve Enervit’s orange sport drink and Red Bull will serve Cola

Three energy stations

The following energy stations are located alongside the refreshment stations:

  • Enervit gel 
  • Grape sugar tablets 
  • Red Bull energy drink 

Drink at the right amount

It’s important to keep the right balance of fluids during Ramboll Stockholm Half Marathon. If it’s warm and you  drink too little before and during the race, you may suffer from dehydration.   This will adversely affect your performance and may, in the worse case, lead to your body overheating. If you drink too much in relationship to how much you sweat, your body fluids become diluted and your salt levels become too low which is dangerous for the body. You must, therefore, drink the right amount. A good rule of thumb: Drink when you feel thirsty! 


All participants have their start time registered when they pass the start line, in this way everyone has their ’real’ time recorded – the time from passing the start line to crossing the finish line.

The timekeeping is done with the help of a chip which is placed on the reverse side of your number bib. The number bib shall be worn on the chest during the whole race. This is so that the mats with sensors which are placed on the start line, at interval time check points and at the finish line are able to read the chip.   

The chip which registers your time from passing the start line to crossing the finish line will give you an exact time.  This is the so-called net time.  The gross time (the time from the gun shot for your start group till you cross the finish line) is also included in the results list which you will find on the website after the race.

Please note that: 
– Number bibs are personal and must not be transferred to another runner. 
– Number bibs shall be worn fully visible on the chest during the whole race. 

four split times

Split times are shown at 5 km, 10 km, 15 km and 20 km. Please note that the clocks will be started at 12:00, the time of the start of the first start group. At 5, 10, 15 and 20 km your split time is recorded. These will then be included in the results list after the race.  

maximum time

The police authorities have given permission for a maximum time of 2 hours, 45 minutes. This means that runners who start in the last start group, start group 7, must reach the finish by 17:45 at the latest.

How is your current shape?

Make sure you take it easy in the beginning, 21,098 metres is a demanding distance and you need strength left for the end of the race. Don’t start if you are not completely healthy, and remember that there’s no shame in dropping out if you are exhausted. It can be dangerous to run if you have a cold or feel under the weather.  If you are unsure whether to start or not, contact our medical team who are in the start area on race day.

Check points at 11 km and 15-17 km

At 11km, there is a check point which all runners must pass by 16:25 to be allowed to continue the race. By 16km you there is a second checkpoint that all runners must pass by 17.05 to be allowed to continue the race. 

No pacemaking service this year

Our main focus is to organise the event in a way which is as hygienically-secure as possible and in accordance with current restrictions and the permission we have from the authorities. This means that we are unable to offer a pacemaking service this year. This is to avoid creating crowding/groups of runners during the race. We hope that you understand.

Motivation along the course

Along the course, there will be entertainment from bands and DJs to entertain and inspire you and your fellow-runners with energy to take you all the way to the finish!


Directly after the finish line, everyone who has run Ramboll Stockholm Halvmarathon under the maximum time of 2 hours, 45 minutes will receive a beautiful medal. After receiving your medal, there will be a goodie bag waiting for you with products from our partners. You will also receive a finisher’s t-shirt.  


Prizes will be awarded at the finish to the top 30 male and female runners. Prizes will also be awarded to the top 3 in every age category based on their net finish time. These prizes will be sent to the winners by post.

Results service

Split times and preliminary results will appear live on Ramboll Stockholm Halvmarathons website during the race. The official results list will be published just over a week after the race on www.stockholmhalvmarathon.se



There will be toilets in the start and finish areas and also next to every refreshment station along the course.

No changing rooms

There is no possibility to change at the start and finish areas. We recommend, therefore that you come to the event already dressed to run.

Clothing drop-off

If it’s possible, we recommend that you don’t take valuables or clothing, other than those you run in, to the event. This is because we have a limited area to hand in clothing in the start area. If you need to hand something in there is a small area at every start group number.  Avoid, if at all possible, to take valuables to the race since we have no special deposit service for these.

Use the Kit Bag you received when you collected your number bib. After the race you collect your Kit Bag from the same place.  It’s important that you mark your bag with your name and start number using the label you received together with your number bib.

medical service 

Medical support will be at every refreshment station as well as the start and finish. Doctors have the right to remove injured or exhausted runners from the course.

virtual race

If you entered Ramboll Stockholm Half Marathon but are not able to travel to Stockholm on 11 September, you will be able to run wherever you are. Register your result via our app whenever you want on 11-12 september. The app will be available to download and click here to read how to download and use the app. 


We are unbelievably proud of our cooperation with Sortera which means that you throw away and we sort. All waste is thrown into the same place, whether it is a container or waste bin, in the event areas or along the course. And after the event it is collected by Sortera who take it away for sorting and further treatment at their plants. Please look for Sorteras green waste bins or containers when you throw anything away. This will make our cleaning job easier and you’ll be an important part of  our sustainable cooperation with Sortera.


If you have any questions before Ramboll Stockholm Half Marathon, please read our Questions and Answers on our website or contact us  tel: +46 (0)8 545 664 40 (weekdays 9:00–12:00 and 13:00–16:30) or [email protected] During race day you will find our Information tent in the start and finish areas. 

Good luck in Ramboll Stockholm Half Marathon 2021! 


We have adjusted the event in order to make Ramboll Stockholm Half Marathon safe and to prevent further infections. Right now, 900 participants are allowed at the same time in the start and finish areas (more people can be on the track). Based on these regulations we have planned the event.

As previous years we will still be in the heart of the city, but this year we will visit lovely Södermalm for a two lap race. This is also the first time a race will be on The Golden Bridge which is a big deal for Swedes.

The start will take off from Skeppsbron, run to the Golden Bridge, along Hornsgatan, down to Söder Mälarstrand and then head east around Södermalm for two laps.

In order to avoid big crowds during the race day the starting bib distribution will be at our Expo, Tue-Fri (September 7-10). Get into the mood at the expo and get inspired to race together with our partners and sponsors who are eager to give you tips prior to your race. Read more about the opening hours of the Expo.

To minimize big crowds even further you are only allowed to enter the event area if you are wearing a race bib. Therefore it’s important when you cross the finish line to be happy and proud of your achievement, but also leave the area quick for runners after you. This is for everyone’s’ safety.

Registrations are now closed

Due to a high pressure of registrations the last week, we have now closed the registrations, and you will not be able to register at the Expo. 
If you didn’t get a start certificate, we hope to see you next year at the start line in 2022!

  • PERIOD 1
  • 55

    September 20 2020 – September 27 2020
  • PERIOD 2
  • 60

    September 28 2020 – February 21 2021
  • PERIOD 3
  • 68

    February 22 2021 - July 5 2021
  • PERIOD 4
  • 75

    July 6 2021 - September 2 2021
  • PERIOD 5
  • 85

    September 7 2021-September 10 2021

Payment methods:
 • Credit card Visa or MasterCard.

You can attend Ramboll Stockholm Halfmarathon from the age of 18 (born 2003 or earlier). By signing up for the race you agree to the terms and conditions of Ramboll Stockholm Halmarmarathon. Registration is personal and binding. Start places cannot be transferred to another runner.

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