The Stockholm Half Marathon will take place for the 21th time, on Saturday 11 September 2021. It’s going to be an awesome Stockholm city center experience and we hope you will join us! The start and finish close to the Royal Palace, Parliament building and the Opera House is really special. And it’s a wonderful feeling to run through the central parts of the city.


It pays off to book early

Depending on what time of the year you book, the price varies. It pays off to book early. Here you can see our price matrix.

  • PERIOD 1
  • 55

    September 20 2020 – September 27 2020
  • PERIOD 2
  • 60

    September 28 2020 – February 21 2021
  • PERIOD 3
  • 68

    February 22 2021 - July 5 2021
  • PERIOD 4
  • 75

    July 6 2021 - September 5 2021
  • PERIOD 5
  • 85

    September 7 2021-September 10 2021

Payment methods:
 • Credit card Visa or MasterCard.

You can attend Ramboll Stockholm Halfmarathon from the age of 18 (born 2003 or earlier). By signing up for the race you agree to the terms and conditions of Ramboll Stockholm Halmarmarathon. Registration is personal and binding. Start places cannot be transferred to another runner.


Ramboll Stockholm Halfmarathon 2021. From July 1 it is allowed with mass participation sports events with 900 participants at the same time in the start and finish area (more participants will be able to be on the racecourse at the same time). The Swedish Government and the Swedish Public Health Agency have already clarified a plan for how continued lifting of restrictions will take place and the next step is that the number of participants will be uncapped. The authorities’ assumption is that we will reach the next level, with the number of participants being uncapped, in September.

When the different steps of lifting the restrictions can be implemented is determined by parameters such as the spread of infection, the pressure on the healthcare system and vaccination rates. All figures are pointing in the right direction and we have good reason to believe that the lifting of restrictions will be followed through according to plan.

For Ramboll Stockholm Halfmarathon the main plan is to be able to arrange the event with an uncapped number of participants. Even in this case, we do expect that some adjustments to the event will need to be made.

Although we expect to be able to follow through with our main plan, we are also working on alternative plans for the Ramboll Stockholm Halfmarathon, in order to be able to carry out the race according to the 900 participant rule if needed.

No later than August 25 we will announce how Ramboll Stockholm Halfmarathon will be organized.

Our pacesetters will help you find the right pace. If you’re unsure at what speed you’re going hold, just hang on one of our pacesetters.
Experienced runners – equipped with a  flag – run the race at an even pace. We have pacesetters for the following end times:
1 hour 20 minutes – 1 hour 30 minutes – 1 hour 40 minutes – 1 hour 45 minutes (5 minutes) – 1 hour 50 minutes – 2 hours – 2 hours 10 minutes and 2 hours 20 minutes.

Start at 15:30 The race starts at 15:30 on Saturday 11 September at Skeppsbron just in from of the Royal Castle in central Stockholm.
The finish is on the bridge ”Norrbro” next to the Royal Palace and the Parliament building.

Weather The average temperature in Stockholm in the afternoon in mid September is 15 ° C (approx. 60F). The humidity is about 50 percent.

Experience Stockholm The Stockholm Halfmarathon is run on an inspiring course through the central districts of the Swedish capital. During the race you will pass many of Stockholm’s most famous landmarks and buildings; Karlberg’s Castle, the City Hall, the Royal Palace, the Swedish Parliament, the Old Town and the Royal Opera House.
The difference between the highest and the lowest point of the course is 27 metres. The distance is 21,098 metres.

A City of contrasts Welcome to Stockholm and one of the world’s most beautiful capitals. Built on 14 islands around one of Europe’s largest and best-preserved mediaeval city centres, the Swedish capital is superbly positioned, with stunning and extremely varied scenery in every direction.
Just outside the city, the archipelago of 24,000 islands is waiting to be explored.
Stockholm is a city of contrasts – water and islands, history and innovation, small town and big city, long light summer nights and short winter days.
Thanks to the city´s compact size, you can see and do most things in a short space of time – which makes it a perfect destination for city breaks or longer stays.
Stockholm is one third water, one third green belt and one third city. The island of ”Djurgården”, the world’s first National City Park, is only a short walk from the inner city.
Information about Stockholm:

Medal and finisher t-shirt to all finishers At the finish you will receive the Stockholm Halfmarathon exclusive medal and finisher t-shirt as a proof that you have completed the race.

First class service You will receive first class service during the whole race. Along the course there are several refreshment stations which will serve sports drink and water.
Announcers and bands will guarantee a good atmosphere along the course.
In the finish area you will be served something to drink, fruit and other snacks. Medical service is available for the runners along the course and at the finish area. Massage service is also available at the finish area.

Maximum running time is 2:45
The maximum time to finish the Stockholm Half Marathon is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Any questions? Please contact the Stockholm Half Marathon office for further information.
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +46 (0)8 545 664 40.

Ramboll Stockholm Halvmarathon organized by friidrottsklubbarna Hässelby SK, Spårvägens FK och Turebergs FK.


The Ramboll Stockholm Half Marathon is run on an inspiring and easy course through many inner city areas of Stockholm; Norrmalm, Vasastan, Kungsholmen, the Old Town and Södermalm.
Start and finish is just outside the Royal Palace. During the race you will pass many of Stockholm’s most famous landmarks and buildings; Karlberg’s Castle, the City Hall, the Royal Palace, the Swedish Parliament and the Royal Opera House.
The difference between the highest and the lowest point of the course is 27 meters. This course is perfect to improve your best half marathon time. This is an easy course for first time half marathon runners.

Km-passing points

Kilometer passing points for Ramboll Stockholm Halvmarathon:
Start Norrbro/Gustav Adolfs torg
1 km Klaratunneln
2 km Vasagatan
3 km Torsgatan
4 km Barnhusbron
5 km Kungsholms strand
6 km Hornsbergstrand
7 km Hornsbergstrand
8 km Nordenflyktsvägen
9 km Rålambshovsparken
10 km Norr Mälarstrand
11 km Norr Mälarstrand
12 km Munkbroleden
13 km Hornsgatan
14 km Söder Mälarstrand
15 km Söder Mälarstrand
16 km Högalidsgatan
17 km Hornstullstrand
18 km Zinkens väg
19 km St Paulsgatan
20 km Skeppsbron
21 km Norrbro
21,1 km Norrbro

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