Registration is closed: 18,046 runners from 80 nations

Interest in DN Stockholm Half Marathon is greater than ever. 18,046 runners from 80 nations have entered the race which means that last year’s record of 17,163 has been broken.
Interest in Scandinavia’s second largest half marathon has increased steadily over the past few years:

9 274 entries in 2008.
11 136 entries in 2009.
13 585 entries in 2010.
15 158 entries in 2011.
16 689 entries in 2012.
17 163 entries in 2013.
18 046 entries in 2014.

Race information DN Stockholm Half Marathon, 13 September 2014

The 14th DN Stockholm Half Marathon will take place on Saturday 13 September 2014. This will be a race to remember! You will run an inspiring and fast course through the central parts of Stockholm. Start and finish just outside the Royal Palace and the Parliament building.
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Video showing the race from start to finish

Our cameraman, Micke Sjöblom, ran this year’s DN Stockholm Half Marathon. He produced a 5 minute video that captures the race from start to finish.
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Get to know the half marathon course in Stockholm

The start is next to the Royal Palace, the Swedish Parliament and the Royal Opera House in the heart of Stockholm.
Let’s run the 21,098 metre long course, kilometre by kilometre, and at the same time get to know some of the history of the places we pass.
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Tell the world you’re training for DN Stockholm Half Marathon

To run a half marathon is a feat to be proud of. Now there’s a simple way to tell your friends and acquaintances that your training is underway for the race in September. Download an ”DN Stockholm Halvmarathon in training” badge, which is easy to use, for example on your facebook profile, and show the world you are a half marathon runner!
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A race with its roots in the early 20th century

The half marathon in Stockholm has been called Stockholm Halvmarathon (Stockholm Half Marathon) since 2007 but the race is actually much older. In 1927, the year the first Volvo car was produced and Charles Lindbergh flew non-stop across the Atlantic, was when Stockholmsloppet (Stockholm Race) was launched.

Stockholm – The Capital of Scandinavia

Stockholm is bursting with life and bustling with activity all year round, offering visitors a rich variety of events and activities, culture, shopping, restaurants and great nightlife. When in Stockholm, try to visit the archipelago.